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Summer In The Stone poster.
Summer In The Stone poster.


Summer In The Stone


Brand Identity
Art Direction
Packaging Design

Sharing positive vibes across London

Summer in the Stone was the first in a series of seasonal festivals held around Leytonstone in East London by Waltham Forest Council. The identity had to shout ‘summer time fun’ and appeal to a broad section of local residents, whilst also drawing in people from further afield.

We based the campaign on a toolkit of hand- sketched icons that highlighted some of the key elements of the festival, such as food, music and nature. The tool kit provided the flexibility to adapt easily to the required outputs, including large-format posters for billboard locations around East London. The brightly coloured icons proved successful in grabbing the attention of young and old, on and offline.

Summer in the stone yellow postcards.
Person holding coffee cup reading Summer in the stone.
Summer in the stone poster.
Summer in the stone adshel in a bus station.
Two wall posters reading Autumn in the stone.
Winter in the stone street adshel.
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